ODrive – Google Drive GUI Client for Linux Desktop

I compiled a list of the  Top 5 Google Drive Clients for Linux and as you must have rightfully assumed, it is far from an exhaustive list.

ODrive (Open Source Drive) is a GUI desktop client for virtually any cloud service you can mention; including Google Drive. It is developed using the famous Electron platform to be cross-platform and swift in its operations.

ODrive’s pitch is that it combines all your cloud storage services into one unified, synchronized, shareable, and encrypted account via which you can access all the rest with a single password. It syncs changes to files and directories as soon as you make them and allows you to securely share them with whomever via web-links.

Features in ODrive

  • Cross-Platform: enjoy the same ODrive experience on your Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Multiple cloud services: access and sync files and directories from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Box, etc.
  • One password: sign into all your cloud service accounts using one password.
  • Infinite sync: changes to your files and directories are automatically synced and updated.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption: you are the only one with the ability to decrypt your data.
  • Flexible and secure sharing: Share encrypted files and folders securely with loved ones and colleagues.

ODrive has many more features and can be integrated with many more services which you can use for free by signing up for a free installation.

  youtube-dl-gui – A Cross-Platform GUI for youtube-dl

Signup for ODrive

Sign up to get ODrive free and enjoy full access to premium features for 7 days.

If you enjoy its service you can purchase a premium version which starts at $8.25/month. Check here to compare the bonus features that come in the package.

Do you already use ODrive? I think it’s an ideal alternative desktop client for Google Drive and others like it. I look forward to your experience with it in the comments section below.

Special thanks to Liberodark for suggesting the app in the comments box. Feel free to make your own suggestions as well.

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